Towards the end of the first decade of IKP in the year 2009, it was observeĀ¬d that 20% of poor were still untouched, majority of whom belonged to socially vulnerable groups (SC/ST) and thus needed intensive handholding support. To address this critical gap, SERP evolved a more targeted and focused approach under IKP, to fight the poverty of the poorest known as SCSP-TSP.
The objective of SCSP-TSP is to enable every poorest of poor family in the state to come out of poverty with increased and sustainable livelihood opportunities established with the aid of an intensive handholding support. The same has to be done in a focused and phased manner starting with organizing them, strengthening their institutions, increasing their asset base, mitigating risks, expanding the livelihoods and increasing their incomes. In concise, enhancing the income of POP family to an annual income of Rs One lakh over a period and a significant improvement in human development aspects are considered the twin mandates of the proposed strategy.
The need for SCSP-TSP was further confirmed by the data from the baseline survey that was carried out immediately after the identification of PoP households. Detailed information was gathered about each and every PoP household on all important livelihood, human development and quality of life aspects. The baseline of PoP families doubly confirmed the need for exclusive strategy which was rightly put in place by SERP in the name of SCSP-TSP. more